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What is the difference between an SMC meter box and a meter box of other materials?

Time:2018/9/3Author:adminClick: 3303
SMC materials, as the world's most advanced aerospace composites, have advantages over other non-metallic and metallic materials:

1. SMC aviation composite material is an excellent insulating material with high performance and insulation resistance to prevent leakage. It can maintain good dielectric properties at high frequency, no reflection, no blocking of microwave propagation, no rust. It can be used for a long time, and it is suitable for use in places where people are dense or narrow, to avoid the occurrence of electric shock.

Second, good corrosion resistance, can effectively resist the corrosion of seawater, gasoline, alcohol, electrolytic salt, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium and potassium compounds, urine, asphalt, various acid-base soil and acid rain. The product itself has good anti-aging properties, and the surface of the product has a protective layer with strong ultraviolet resistance, and the double protection product has more anti-aging properties.

Third, the three-dimensional network molecular structure and the special reinforcing fiber work together to make the material have good impact resistance, easy mechanical processing, easy drilling and cutting, accurate positioning, high tensile strength, bending and impact toughness.

Fourth, SMC material is a smokeless non-toxic material. Halogen-free, no harmful substances to the human body, no harmful gases when burned, it is an environmentally friendly material to meet future development needs.

Fifth, high-quality flame retardant materials, flame retardant performance can reach FVO level, smoke density level is 15, smoke toxicity level is quasi-safe level (ZA2). All materials meet the requirements of UL94 at home and abroad.

Sixth, the meter box body adopts the combination of plate structure, model installation, suitable for handling, simple installation, and can be assembled or disassembled on site. The surface of the cabinet is cast with diamond-shaped protrusions, which has the function of preventing small advertisements from sticking.

7. SMC is a kind of bad conductor of heat. It has low heat resistance and low deformation rate. The heat insulation can reduce the influence of environmental temperature difference on the interior of the box. Compared with the metal material, it can effectively reduce the condensation and condensation inside the box.

Eight, suitable for all kinds of bad weather, the box can be used for a long time in the environment of -50 ° C ~ +80.
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