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Several wires under the meter box are lower than the ground.

Time:2018/9/3Author:adminClick: 3316
Recently, a transparent electric meter box was installed on the wall of a stairway in Xinyue Square, and there were seven or eight wires under the meter box, only about 1 m 4 from the ground. Mr. He, a member of the public, is worried about potential safety hazards and reports to the Evening News through WeChat, hoping that the relevant departments can manage it.

On the morning of the 17th, the reporter saw at the scene that the seven or eight wires under the meter box were very thick, and they were hanging in the corridor in a curved shape. The reporter tried to stand under the meter box and found that the wire fell to the face. On the third floor of the building, there are two schools, an art school and an accountant training school. According to Mr. He, the two schools add up to one or two hundred students. Most of the students in the art school are children, wires. It was too low, afraid of danger. It happened that it was a weekend yesterday. The reporter also saw many children coming to the interest class. "If some children are naughty, to play with the wires, what should I do if I get an electric shock?" Mr. He also told reporters that many parents who sent their children to class also expressed this concern.

Subsequently, the reporter dialed the State Grid official customer service phone 95598 to reflect the situation, the customer service staff said that they need to report the customer number on the meter box, the staff can find the specific location of the meter box according to the number. Then, the reporter contacted the staff of Jingdezhen Power Supply Company by telephone. He said that he would do this at work and send someone to check it out as soon as possible.
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